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CEM AC-9 Temassız Voltaj Dedektörü

Marka : CEM
Stokta yok
Ürün Kodu : AC-9

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CEM AC-9 Temassız Voltaj Dedektörü

The Non-contact AC Voltage Testers are easy to use — just touch the tip to a terminal strip, outlet, or supply cord. When the tip glows red and the unit beeps, you know there’s voltage present. Electricians, maintenance, service, safety, personnel, and homeowners can quickly test for energized circuits in the workplace or at home.



1. Can continuous self-test, so you always know it’s working

2. Upon detection, tip glows and beeper sounds

3. CAT IV 1000 V for added protection

4. Expanded range: 100V to 1000V AC or 200V to 1000V AC depending on model


5. Dual sensitivity voltage detector. Detects voltage from 24~1000V or 100V to 1000V/200V to 1000V



1. Non-Contact Detection of AC Voltage from 200VAC to 1000VAC

2. 100VAC to 1000VAC (European standard)

3. Rugged, double molded case

4. Suitable for outlets or against wire insulation testing

5. Flashing red LED light indicator

6. Built-in bright fl ashlight with ON/OFF button

7. Convenient size with pocket clip

8. For use on 50/60Hz circuits

9. Blue light means you’re close(AC-10)

10. Red LED light and audible beeper indicator(AC-9B/AC-10)

11. Motor Shaking and LED light (AC-9C)

12. NCV, wide range and high sensitivity from 12V to 1000V





Operating Range

VoltFinder: 200 ~ 1000V AC;

100 ~ 1000V AC

Operating Temp.

-10°C ~ 50°C

Operating Humidity

0°C ~ 30°C; 95%RH

30°C ~ 40°C; 75%RH

40°C ~ 50°C; 45%RH


158mm x 21mm x 25mm ((AC-8/AC-8S)); 176mm x 26mm (AC-9/AC-9B)





Two “AAA” batteries and clamshell.